The West End SELPA WorkAbility 1 program trained teachers from each of the SELPA’s high schools on the Brigance Life Skill and Employment Skills Inventory. Each of the trained teachers received a Brigance Life Skill and Employment Skills Inventory to be used to provide each student on their campus with an inventory of their skills. 

The Brigance is a criterion-referenced assessment that provides opportunities to evaluate listening, speaking, reading, writing, comprehending, and computing skills within the context of everyday situations.  The Inventory also serves as a curriculum guide, providing teaching sequences for functional life skills, pre-employment and employability skills. It can be used as one component of the required transition assessment.

Who should be assessed?

Every student should be assessed annually before their IEP to provide valuable information for identifying the student’s transition needs, and developing the transition plan.

When and how do you use the Inventory?

The assessments in the Inventory can be used whenever and as often as an instructor deems necessary or a program requires.  Instructors in different programs in coordination with learners’ needs can choose which areas to assess, when to assess, how much to assess, and which assessment format to use.  Assessment results can then be used for curriculum planning and teaching.

Who can give the assessments in the Inventory?

Instructors and para-professionals will find the assessments easy to administer, with no special training necessary and no additional materials required.  Testing should be done under the supervision of a professional.

How are results recorded and tracked?

An individual record-keeping system, the Learner Record Book, enables progress to be recorded on an on-going basis.  The record-keeping system includes a simple management format that allows easy tracking of assessment dates and results.  This record of progress is then readily available to communicate to learners, instructors, and others who may need the information.

How does this inventory meet your needs?

The Employability Skills Inventory is comprehensive.  It includes assessments of the skills required when seeking a job and/or for retaining employment.  The assessments in the various sections range in level of difficulty from third grade through high school. The Life Skills Inventory includes assessments that span the content of a life-skills curriculum.  Assessments in the various sections range in difficulty level from second grade to eighth grade.  Many assessments provide the opportunity to respond either orally or in writing.