What is Special Education?
Special Education is specially designed instruction, at no cost to the parents to meet the unique educational needs of children with disabilities. It is provided for children ages birth to 22 years who qualify according to laws and regulations outlined by the federal and state governments and whose parents consent to such services.

Children who have one of the following disabilities and by reason of their disability cannot succeed in the regular education program without special education assistance:

*Intellectual Disability/Mental Retardation
*Hard of Hearing
*Speech or Language Impairment
*Visual Impairment
*Emotional Disturbance
*Orthopedically Impaired
*Other Health Impairment
*Specific Learning Disability
*Multiple Disabilities
*Traumatic Brain Injury

Who is not eligible?
Those individuals are not eligible for special education when it has been determined that their difficulties are the result of one or more of the following:

limited school experience
poor school attendance
cultural or economic disadvantages
lack of familiarity with the English language

These difficulties must be addressed by the other regular or categorical services offered within general education.

What services are provided by Special Education?
Services are determined by an IEP team decision, which includes the parent(s).
Least Restrictive Environment
Enrolled in General Education Classroom
Student benefits from general education classroom and curriculum with modifications as appropriate. General education teacher provides instruction.

Enrolled in General Education Classrom with:
Resource Specialist Program (RSP) and/or Designated Instructional Services (DIS) (Speech/Language, Hard of Hearing, Adaptive Physical Education, other)

Student requires consultative services provided by RSP and/or DIS Specialist and may need modification and accommodations to general classroom and curriculum; general education teacher provides instruction.
Special education personnel and general education teacher work collaboratively to provide services to the student in the general education classroom through a supported classroom.
Student receives special education instruction in a small group setting for part of the day by a special education teacher and also receives instruction in general education by a general education teacher.

Enrolled in Special Day Class (SDC):
Student receives instruction in self-contained Special Day Class. This includes Functional Skills and Intervention Programs. Students are included in general education as determined by their IEP.
Student receives SDC services through San BernardinoCounty Office of Education West End Operations when appropriate services are not available through the student's school district of residence. Students are included in general education as determined by their IEP.

Enrolled in Other Special Education Services:
Student requires services not available in public education programs. Non Public School Placement (NPS) is made when the student's needs cannot be met within San Bernardino county schools or the community.
Student requires special education services at a state special school when needs cannot be met within SBCSS county schools or the community. State special schools may be available for Deaf, Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired.
Student requires residential placement to benefit educationally from instructional program. These services are usually determined through an expanded IEP team.
Student receives instruction in the Home or Hospital