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We are pleased to provide the West End SELPA’s 2019-20 Staff Development Guide. The trainings which have been added or updated are designed to provide information and support on many current topics and challenges faced by educators.  A major area of focus is the California Data Dashboard and assistance to districts in Differentiated Assistance. Throughout the year, we will add training opportunities designed for general and special educators to collaborate and provide access to the core curriculum in the least restrictive environment.

The West End SELPA is the recipient of a statewide grant for ADR. As we implement the grant. We offer a training on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that is well attended by educators from the West End SELPA serviced districts. The content for the training series has been expanded to include a section on compliant IEPs and a parent strand.

This year the West End SELPA will be adding half-day trainings in Annotated IEP, Inclusion and Moderate to Severe Curriculum and Strategies training, as well as half-day sessions for Paraeducators. We will continue with the CPI Flex program, a blended training consisting of an on-line training module and one full-day in person instructor training. A refresher course is not offered at this time.

The SELPA staff has also provided much on-site trainings in its districts during the past few years. This model allows for a presentation that is tailored to the local district and geared towards facilitating a learning community to develop a core set of skills/practices. Please contact Maureen Blair or your assigned Program Specialist to discuss the possibilities. Maureen Blair can be reached at the West End SELPA  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or (909) 476-6160.

As you consider your professional growth priorities for the 2019-20 school year, take some time to sign up for a WESELPA staff development opportunity.  You will also benefit from the opportunity to network with colleagues in your field and tap into additional resources.  Ultimately, everyone benefits; you, our families and most importantly, the students we serve!

The West End SELPA will continue to add trainings throughout the year. Be sure to check our website and the OMS calendar on a regular basis.

Susan Bobbitt-Voth, Administrator

West End SELPA

Six-month, at a glance calendar: August 2019-January 2020 - Download

2019-20 Event/Flyer Download
August Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Flex Training

Social Narratives and Story-Based Interventions

Annotated IEP Training

Assessing English Learners with Significant Disabilities

9/19 - Facilitated/Collaborative IEP Training

09/20 - Mentoring and Guiding Clinical Fellows, Student Clinicians and SLPAs: Safeguarding Professional Values

9/24 - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® Flex Training (CPI)

9/30 - Disproportionality Self-Study Training


Trauma Informed Care/Understanding Positive Student Mental Health Presentations

January 2020  


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