Clinical Parent Training

Clinical Parent Training Program is a popular, highly effective research-based program taught by educational and mental health professionals to help parents experiencing behavioral difficulties with their children. It is designed to carefully teach powerful, yet simple-to-use strategies and communication skills that lead to significant decreases in habitually non-compliant behaviors. It also helps build self-esteem and positive parent-child relationships. For many families, this may be a critical step in the prevention of later, more serious behaviors. Click here

Parent Project

Parent Project is especially designed for parents of strong-willed adolescents in middle and high school. This program prepares the parent with effective prevention and intervention techniques to support your adolescent's middle or high school experience, create a home discipline structure that works, improve school attendance and performance and help prevent alcohol, drug and gang involvement. Click Here

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Community Advisory Committee has monthly meetings and/or presentations throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to attend and be involved and learn about the special education program to assure a successful education for their child.