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We are pleased to provide an array of professional growth opportunities for the coming year. We hope you will spend some time perusing the West End SELPA’s 2017-18 Staff Development Guide and register for a session that will contribute to your growth as a professional. You will also benefit from the opportunity to network with colleagues in your field and tap into additional resources.  Ultimately, everyone benefits; you, our families and most importantly, the students we serve!

We offer a comprehensive series of trainings on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that are attended annually by educators from across the state.  The West End SELPA is the recipient of a statewide grant for ADR. As we implement the grant, the content for the training series has been expanded to include a section on compliant IEPs and a parent strand. We look forward to a session on September 18, 2017: “Building Relationships of Trust and Effectiveness between Families and Educators” in the Fall with facilitators Carlo Rossi, a parent facilitator in Sonoma County and Greg Abell of Sound Options in Washington State.

The SELPA provides Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) training for its member districts. In the past, the training has included two days of onsite training at the West End SELPA. In 2017-18, the districts have agreed to transition to the CPI Flex Program. Staff will register and complete Day 1 of the training online. They will register for Day 2 through the SBCSS’ OMS registration system and provide a certificate of completion of Day 1. The second day of training will be provided by trainers at the West End SELPA.

The WESELPA will continue to provide trainings designed to improve our performance on State Performance Plan Indicators 5 and 6 – Least Restrictive Environment and 17 – Results Driven Accountability. The professional development in this area will include a series facilitated by Dr. Sherri Wilkins, Innovative Educational Solutions LLC. The outcomes of this series will include:

* Develop a common vision and action plan for schools in the WESELPA region through focused facilitated conversations

* Build upon the established collaborative culture and professional development by supporting schools and districts in developing an action plan focused on systems change efforts, increased opportunities for inclusion, and, ultimately, improved student performance results

* Support schools in the implementation of their developed action plan through ongoing coaching and facilitation

The SELPA staff has also provided on-site trainings in its districts.  This model allows for a presentation that is tailored to the local district and geared towards facilitating a learning community to develop a core set of skills/practices. Please contact Anna Hernandez or your assigned Program Specialist to discuss the possibilities and availability. Anna Hernandez can be reached at the West End SELPA via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone (909-476-6158).

The West End SELPA will continue to add trainings throughout the year.  Be sure to check our website and the OMS calendar on a regular basis.  The link to the OMS web page is Also, we anticipate returning to our permanent address in late October, 2017: 8265 Aspen Ave., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. In the meantime, be sure to check the location of each training.

Susan Bobbitt, Administrator
West End SELPA

ADR Series - Building Relationships of Trust and Effectiveness

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